About us

The socialHANDLER team provide innovative software solutionssocialHANDLER is a social media management solution built by Services Direct Internet Ltd. It was born out of our desire to solve the need for franchisor management of franchisees social media publishing channels. However, this issue is not restricted to the franchise industry. Any national brand with a head office to regional area office structure will recognise the benefits of head office led, social media content distribution and management.

Headed up by our dedicated office team, we are always looking for ways to harness changes in technology to deliver online solutions with a focus on innovation and easy-to-use functionality. We work closely with our local coding and development team to provide ground breaking solutions.

Other Services
Franchise Intelligence
Franchise Intelligence provides consultancy and services to Franchisors and Franchisee networks across the UK. Whether you are a business owner looking into the possibility of franchising as a route to expansion, or whether you are an existing franchisor seeking help with franchisee recruitment strategy, we are here to help and waiting for you to get in touch.
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leadHANDLER is a sales lead focused CRM solution with built-in Email and Text messaging automation enabling organisations to maintain contact with potential customers during the consideration phase. Launched in 2014, it is now a mature platform with a wide range of tools designed to help you increase your sales lead conversion rate.
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